by USOffRoad on May 25, 2013 Categories: News
The guys at Top Speed Photography have sent us some neat photos of them installing our winch mount along with a Warn Zeon 10s winch in their 2013 Cavalry Blue FJ. Not only do these guys produce some nice photography for others but in these sessions gave us a good look at how things all fit within the factory bumper cover. The first shots with the bare mount are test fits, after pulling everything back off they painted the inside of the mount flat black and the visible front fascia silver to match the FJ's trim. Make sure to visit our Google+ page for more photos from this installation and many others. dsc_9803dsc_9798dsc_9797dsc_9738dsc_9724dsc_9804DSC_9794-001DSC_9755DSC_9750-X2DSC_9740-XLtsp_use_1024tsp_muddy_1024 Here's a quick video of the synthetic line being spooled in to the Warn winch.


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