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After two very successful years of sales around the world I am proud to announce the latest evolution of our FJ Winch Mount Bumper. While we have had zero known issues and nothing but praise for this product I am always looking to make improvements where we can. To that extent I was looking to cut down on welds and deburring time, maintain or improve strength and accuracy and maybe even shed a few pounds.
  • All bumpers are now CNC laser cut for improved accuracy and finish. This also permitted us to alter the design a bit and reduce the amount of welds.
  • Weight has been reduced from a respectable 57lbs to 52.5lbs!
  • Fewer welds means a stronger bumper (not that the previous version wasn't tough enough!)
  • We also added an A/C line notch to the back to help with clearance, which it does beautifully.
  • Torque arms were realigned and are made as one piece with the winch tub end caps. Stronger, less welding and weight reduction.
  • All bumpers are now fully TIG welded which gives a much nicer finish and less cleanup over flux core welding.
  • Winch mounting holes were moved rearwards 1/2" for better clearance up front for some winches.
  • Bumper cover support tabs were added to provide better adjustability, fit and finish.
  • All of this with no increase in pricing! Retail is still $499.
Here's an example of how much this setup will weigh: Winch mount bumper: 52.50 lbs Viper Elite winch with no rope: 51.40 lbs 85' x 3/8" AmSteel rope: 3.6 lbs Aluminum hawse: 1.5 lbs Coating and fasteners: 1 lb Total weight: 110 lbs With the recent addition of more drain holes and light tabs designed to work with 2" LED lights I feel this bumper has evolved in to a very nice solution. I have also been working with UPS to negotiate reduced shipping costs and take advantage of the lighter weight. Every penny counts. I appreciate everyone's business over the past two years and look forward to many more years of providing these types of products to the FJ owners. We have some new products in the works for FJ owners so be sure to visit us at for updates. Here's a few photos of the new version. fj_tigear_barefj_tiggusset_barefj_innertig_barefj_lighttab_barefj_acnotch_barefj_acnotch_paintedfj_top_bare-1024fj_front_barefj_sidemounted_paintedfj_sidetubmounted_painted


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