FJ Cruiser - Winch Mount - Smittybilt Winch

by USOffRoad on December 20, 2016 Categories: FJ Cruiser

David from California sends us some photos of his very cool camo version of our winch bumper along with a Smittybilt winch on his FJ Cruiser.

"For the paint I used two color browns of textured paint, used spray adhesive to hold "actual" oak leaves in place and sprayed 'bisque' textured paint over the whole mess. Pulled the leaves before the glue set completely and cleaned up with some solvent. (I worked in ornamental iron for almost twenty years, so I've done a variety of finishes). It was luck that bisque color matched the Toyota Sand color so well."

"I must add, as a fabricator, your product is very nicely fabricated. I'm an electrician now, but during those years I built everything from scratch including roll cage."

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