Japan FJ Winch Mount - Rugged Ridge Winch

Japan FJ Winch Mount - Rugged Ridge Winch

by USOffRoad on May 25, 2013 Categories: FJ Cruiser

Akinori Miyamoto sends us his photos from Japan. While all FJ Cruisers are made in Japan there are specific design changes that you only see on Japanese destined FJ's. You will notice things like the forward driver's side mirror but in our case there was a power steering cooler relocation to deal with that you will not see on FJ Cruisers exported to the rest of the world. Akinori was very helpful in helping us with detailed installation documents regarding Japanes FJ's. 


Ian Cotterill - 388 days ago

These are great photos! It’s worth noting this is actually the same on the Australian-supplied models too. I had this little ‘surprise’ while fitting mine to my FJ this weekend.
@US Offroad it might be worth including those instruction updates for an Australian customers too.

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